After three and a half months work, I finally resigned so that I can have some break. Reviewing this period, I found it boring and plain for the most of the time. Although occasionally eating outside or having a voice call online with friends, I spent the rest of my time alone, wondering if this is how life would be in the following 10 or 20 years, or would it last to the final end?

One of my friend on Facebook recommended a comedy anime, KonoSuba (この素晴らしい世界に祝福を!), to me. And it indeed is an amazing comedy. But meanwhile, I somehow felt more depressed.

The main character, Satou Kazuma, was a neet and otaku, dead less than 80 seconds in the anime, thus he entered a different world (isekai, 異世界) beginning his adventure journey mainly with other 3 girls. They became really good friends and Kazuma fell in love with Megumin afterwards.

There are also some other anime featuring afterworlds as its story's background, such as Angel Beats and Zombie Land Saga. And I think the main characters in these stories share something in common: they didn't have a happy nor even normal life when they were alive, or encountered unexpected accidents and had some pities when they passed away. But the most attractive thing for me is that, they have a better life with great friends in isekai. They can hangout with friends and meet up each other on a daily basis, in contrast with the highly likely lonely life in my next many years.

So in my perspective, it can't be more wonderful if such isekai exists. Yet knowing that they are all fiction worlds makes me feel depressed in someway. And in reality, if one passes away, then they physically no longer exists. Even if there is something like reincarnation, one cannot possibly remember anything from their former life. (What about cyborg? That can be an entirely different topic though. I once wrote some of my thought about it. I, self, mind, immortality and death)