Monitoring Ivar Changes in Objective-C

As we've mentioned in the last post, Protection against Message Forward in Objective-C, there're at least two tools for tracing the calling sequence of the methods,

However, they just cannot handle it in the scene below,

@interface ProtectedClass : NSObject {
    NSString * _password;
@property (nonatomic, getter=password, setter=setPassword:) NSString * password;
/// ...omited...
    ProtectedClass * obj = [[ProtectedClass alloc] init];
    obj->_password = @"喵咕咪~"; // directly access, undectectable in BigBang or ANYMethodLog
    [obj setPassword:@"喵"]; // BigBang or ANYMethodLog dectectable
/// ...omited...

Because it's not necessarily to call getter or setter in Objective-C when access or change an ivar. Since Objective-C is just a superset of C, so the object (or instance) in Objective-C acts pretty much like the struct in C. You can directly access its member if you have the memory address. Let's check out what happens when compiling.

Here is our code, written in Objective-C, and it's probably quite often to be seen in your projects.

Objective-C code
Objective-C code

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Protection against Message Forward in Objective-C

A Brief Review

Runtime is one of the powerful features of Objective-C, it provides us the ability to add/replace a method of some class, retrieve/set the implementation of a specified method, and even add a class in runtime.

However, just like the sunlight shines not only on the good guys, but also on the bad ones. There are some tools in iOS Jailbreak community which take the advantage of Objective-C's runtime feature, to be specific, the ability of message forward. Within this feature, they can log the calling sequence of the methods in the application for further exploitation. And it's not that hard to inject such tools into your application, since there are many ways such as DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES or modifying the MachO load commands, and they got some sets of tools like iOSOpenDev, and the new replacement of iOSOpenDev, MonkeyDev by @AloneMonkey.

And there're at least 2 tools which can log the calling sequence of the methods,

Hooked via forwardInvocation
Hooked via forwardInvocation

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iOS保护应用安全,拒绝forwardInvocation (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

在 iOS 逆向工程的论坛上看到了如何勾住一个类所有方法的帖子,然后基本都是用 Objective-C 里的 forwardInvocation: 来做的,例如

Hooked via forwardInvocation
Hooked via forwardInvocation

于是这里做了一个检测自己的类是否被这样给 hook 了的方法。

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